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Farmers and Foragers

Our 2022 lineup

Here is our lineup of farmers and foragers for the 2022 season as of June 6. * denotes a new farmer. ** denotes farmers who are taking the summer off. Click on highlighted names for more information. To find out who's coming to the upcoming market, click here.

Beaverland Farms

BeGreen Microgreens*

Droscha Sugarbush 

Farm and Forest

The Feminine Farmer*

Forest Treats

goetz-help-wanted-(2).pngFusilier Family Farms and Greenhouses

Gass Centennial Farm

Goetz Greenhouse and Farm

Green Things Farm Collective

Imperial Flowers

Kapnick Orchards

Odie's Flowers

Pure Mackinac Fish

R & B Miller Farms

Strong Soil Farm**

Trillium Wood Farm**

Triple B Honey

Xiong's Fresh Asian Produce

Beaverland Farms

Vendor Header Beaverland Farms
15078 Beaverland Street, Detroit MI, 48223

This is our fourth year at the Farmington Farmers Market, and we couldn't be more thrilled to be here!

We're located in the Brightmoor neighborhood of Detroit. Our farm sits on 28 city lots, which is just over 2 acres. Kieran and I live at, own and operate the farm.

We grow annual fruits and vegetables but look forward to transitioning into selling trees and more perennial crops as soon as they mature.

Our favorite thing about the Market: Getting away from solitude of the farm, and being, active, beautiful space to showcase all our vegetables.

Brittney Roondy and Kieran Neal


Farm & Forest

Vendor Header Farm & Forest
1270 Hagadorn Rd, Mason, MI 48854.

In 2015, our family purchased an old farm outside Mason, Michigan. Since then, the four of us have worked hard clearing old pastureland, erecting hight tunnels, adding new field wells,planting cover crops and amending organic compost onto our fields.

Our Mantra: No spray.

Our favorite thing about the Market: Meeting people-farmers, patrons, volunteers-who share our passion about supporting and improving access to locally grown, seasonal, chemical-free produce.

David, Anne, Hanna and Nels Brogren


Fusilier Family Farms

Vendor Header Fusilier Family Farms
Manchester, Michigan

We're located on the edge of the beautiful Irish Hills. We have 300 acres total. About half of the land is dedicated to produce.

We are farmers going back six generations. Our sons Travis and Chad and Travis's wife, Melissa are full-time with Mike and myself. Our grandkids, who are the sixth generation, also like to help. We have eight, ranging in age from 2 to 9 years old.

We grow all kinds of fruit and vegetables, but most of our land is used to grow sweet corn. green beans and 20 types of peppers. Tomatoes are also one of our main crops. We now have two acres of hight tunnels where we are growing cukes, tomatoes, and raspberries. And we are in Year 2 of our home delivery service, with 1,000 members we serve.

Our favorite thing about the Market: We are charter members of Farmington Farmers Market. I feel like our kids were raised at the market. People have been phenomenal, very supportive. The market has a great atmosphere. It's a very welcoming community and fantastic market!

Kathy Fulilier and family


Gass Centennial Farm

Vendor Header Gass Centennial Farm
Ray, Michigan

We're located near Romeo. We've been coming to the Farmington Farmers Market since it began.

We are a certified centennial farm. Pir 1853 farm has been designated as a sesquicentennial farm by the Michigan Historical Society. Six generations have lived on the family farm.

We grow a variety of produce, but we are especially known for our lettuces and tomatoes. We grow 10 rows of heirloom tomatoes. We are proud to bring the freshest and highest quality produce possible.

Our favorite thing about the Market: We love the people in Farmington!! Their loyalty and support through their purchases have provided schools and materials for thousands of children in Honduras (where the Gasses have been helping build schools and making other improvements) for many years. We are most grateful.

Bill and Ellen Gass


Goetz Greenhouse and Family Farm

Vendor Header Goetz Greenhouse and Family Farm
Raja, MI

Our family has been stewards of the same land in Monroe County since 1905. Three generations of our family provide the energy and expertise to operate our farm.

We grow a large assortment of vegetables as well as hanging baskets, herbs and other potted plants in the spring. We have been growing vegetables since 1979 and have greatly expanded since the start.

We believe the key to healthy produce is healthy soil. We work hard to incorporate cover crops, manure and compost into the soil. Although not organically certified, our farm uses many organic practices. We favor vigorous cultivars and are continually trialing varieties to select those with optimum flavor and nutrition, the same way good farmers have done it for generations. Over the years we have been using many organic practices, and we have adopted a cover cropping program to greatly improve the health of our soil.

Our favorite thing about the Market: We count Farmington as our No.1 market during the peak season of August and September. And we're happy that the market operates in a safe way so we can see our favorite customers. Thank you, Farmington!

Joe, Karlene, Steve and the rest of the Goetz family


Imperial Vegetables and Flowers

Vendor Header Imperial Vegetables and Flowers
Imlay City, Michigan

We started our business back in 2015. This past year we moved from Mayville to Imlay City. We have been coming to the Farmington Farmers Market for the last four years. Before that, we went to Eastern Market. In 2017 we received an award for rookie of the year.

We are a flower and vegetable business. We grow our flowers on our small farm. We are not certified organic, but we do not spray or use chemicals on our vegetables, but our main products are our dahlia flowers. In the next few years, we plan to expand our flower varieties.

Our favorite thing about the Market: We love Farmington Farmers Market because of the customers, the atmosphere and the live music and because everyone loves to buy the best produce.

Melanie and Charlie Xiong


Kapnick Orchards

Vendor Header Kapnick Orchards
Britton, Michigan

Kapnick Orchards has been coming to the Farmington Farmers Market for 18 years.

We're located in Britton, just outside Tecumseh.

We are a small, family-operated farm that has had fourth-generation family members - Shelby and Haven- selling at the Farmington Farmers Market

Kapnick's has a very diversified orchard growing almost every fruit grown in Michigan and some vegetables.

We have a farm market back on the farm where there is a bakery that makes many of our delicious baked goods. This building also houses our cider operation. Kapnick's won the Michigan Sweet Cider contest in 2017.

Our favorite thing about the Market: The ATMOSPHERE! No matter if it's a special festival or a regular market day, everyone is happy and joyful. Customers and vendors alike are polite, happy and very supportive and everyone works as a team!

Scott Robertello and Sharon & Bruce Shaffer


R&B Miller Farms

Vendor Header R&B Miller Farms
Coloma, MI

We are located in the southwest corner of Michigan, just north of Coloma.

We are a second-generation family orchard. Years aga, Roger's sister who lives in Farmington Hills told us about a new farmer's market that was starting up in Farmington.

R&B Miller Farms grows and harvests a wide variety of tree fruit and berries.

Our favorite thing about the Market: Our customers and employees! We have all grown together over the years. Employees and customers have had the farm at their weddings, family gatherings and in a lot of kitchens via our fruit.

Roger and Barb Miller


Strong Soil Farm

Vendor Header Strong Soil Farm
Jackson, MI

We are located near Jackson, surrounded by 1,000 acres of protected Sandhill Crane sanctuary. 

We are a very small, first generation farm. Myself and my wife, Miranda, started farming in 2014 on leased and borrowed land. Today we own 10 acres of virgin land, and we farm about an acre of it.

We grow a variety of very clean, triple-washed produce with an emphasis on quality. We want to provide the best food on the earth! We sell only what we grow ourselves.

We have a no-dig and no-till garden of permanent beds that never have a machine run over them or break them up, which kills and drives away worms, snakes, frogs and the beautiful universe that is natural soil life. No dripping oil, diesel or antifreeze on our garden. It is world-class food grown in an old-world way.

Our favorite think about the Market: The intelligence of the local food enthusiasts who live and shop here!  There are so many smart forward-thinking people wh are well-versed in what makes great food great! The market starts with YOU!


Trillium Wood Farm

Vendor Header Trillium Wood Farm
Williamston, MI

We're Allie and Elise Thorp, sisters and nutritional therapy practitioners who created Trillium Wood Farm in 2013 from a simple concept: Food should be trustworthy and delicious.

Mainstream labels weren't enough for us, so we started raising our meat ourselves. We wanted to guarantee that our food came from animals who had a purpose, lived with dignity, and positively impacted the environment - resulting in healthier food.

the meat from our farm and our partners is what we feed ourselves and our family, and we can't wait to help you experience the difference!

Our promise: Pasture-raised, always (conditions permitted). Humanely raised and slaughtered. Rotational grazing for land health. NO routine antibiotics. NO harmful chemicals. NO hormones given. To give you an honest connection to your food.

Allie and Elise Thorp


Xiong Fresh Asian Produce

Vendor Header Xiong Fresh Asian Produce
Emmit, MI

My small family farm is located in Emmett, about 70 miles northeast of Farmington.

My love of farming started with my parents, who farmed vegetables near Milwaukee, WI for about 40 years. Even when I was attending college, I would come back home every chance I could to help my parents on the farm. After retiring from teaching art for DPS, I became a full-time farmer.

My parents taught me that if you take care of and nurture your land, then you will have a fruitful harvest, and I've applied that to my farming by using sustainable farming practices. When you buy my vegetables, you will be getting the freshest and tastiest vegetables because everything is picked fresh the day before we come to market.

Favorite think about the Market: I have been coming to the Farmington Farmers Market for over 10 years now, and I honestly, love this market. Our customers are fun, happy and diverse. They are not afraid to learn and experiment with new vegetables. I appreciate each and every one of them.

Tow Xiong