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Despite the cold and rain, the produce is coming

Sunday morning after Saturday market, I’m out gathering up the signs for the market from the day before. The town is quiet. Overhead, fisting clouds form a low ceiling, showing short grey wet tails. Rain is sputtering  around like a dog shaking off a wet coat. Temperatures are cool, my rain coat is soaked. It’s dreary. But driving around with the music on and listening to lyrics in the background that pine out …”one minute, you’re waiting for the sky to fall, next moment your dazzled by the beauty of it all…”  

God, how I love Sundays in Michigan. It’s my day to be grateful, acknowledging my presence in the stillness of an early morning on a day that ends the week for some, starts the week for others.  Me, I’m winding down to wind up again on Monday…   

Five weeks into the Michigan growing season, we are three to four weeks behind. There are stories about midwest farmers who have yet to open their fields for planting. There are also stories about large-scale farmers thinking about throwing in the towel completely. Our farmers are planting. There’s no getting ahead of cold and wet, but our farmers are not wholesalers … they don’t have to push produce out to the super-highways for long hauls meeting schedules, production numbers, shipping deadlines. Our farmers are smaller with lower overhead – families do the labor. The produce gets to town quick. The produce is coming, albeit in smaller yields, but it’s coming … and that’s a good thing.

Market Musings 

Last Saturday we held our fifth annual farmers market “Fit as a Fiddle” healthful fair sponsored by Beaumont, Fresh Thyme and Essential Family Chiropractic. Dr. Joe Williams led a one-mile fit walk to the west, city council person Sara Bowman led a 5k run to the east. When they returned to the market, Fresh Thyme hosted a demo class that took the mystery out of making mason jar salads. Working with nutritionist Julie Stevens of Farmington and a friend-of-the-market volunteer, market goers sampled a homemade dressing of olive oil, honey, mustard and lemon splashed over a rainbow of fresh greens, tomatoes, peppers and apricots on a bed of faro and sliced almonds. Partnership is what makes our community unique. Finding ways to come together, work together, we grow excitement!

Your market this week

This Saturday we welcome our sixth annual Strawberry Shortcake Day, serving a savory slice of summer starting at 10 a.m. until “all gone.”  At $3 each and 2 for $5, we ALWAYS sell out! Sponsored by our own Kapnick Orchards, out of Britton MI, the strawberries are farm-picked. And because the Kapnick family operates a full-service bakery at the farm, the shortcakes will be baked fresh from scratch. All proceeds go to supporting the market, which relies 100% on sponsors, vendor fees and fundraising.  No tax dollars go into its operation! 

This week’s featured music at the market – sponsored by Wright Beamer Attorneys and Accountants Montgomery Weithorn Burke Mackinder & Dye – brings acoustic troubadour Mark Reitenga to our sound stage starting at 10 a.m.   

Mayfair Pre-School will host our Little Sprouts Corner with an activity this week. Nearby, the ventriloquist team of Boytoe & Lazareth will put on two short but completely captivating shows for our little shoppers starting at 10:45 a.m.  Please, let’s also welcome Village Co-op of Farmington Hills as our proud day sponsor.  

Until next time then, here’s saying and as always, “… See you at the market!”

Walt Gajewski
Market Manager

Market Manager, Walt Gajewski    

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