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Henry Francis and the Farmers Market

By Henry Francis
Power Middle School

Last year, like most people, I had a summer that was a lot different than it normally would be. Not only was the family vacation canceled, but the entire world also was canceled. Nothing was happening, and our summer was looking pretty bleak. With little to do, I started riding my bike to the Farmers Market every Saturday just to grab a few things for my family.  

Somewhere along the line, I was introduced to the market manager, Walter, who showed me around the market and introduced me to the vendors. Walter made sure I understood the Covid safety procedures, how the market was run, and the importance of farm-to-table food. He also introduced me to Kathy Fusilier of Fusilier Family Farms, who I ultimately began working for. From the moment I started with Fusilier Farms, I saw that people working there really cared about their jobs and took pride in what they did.

I was very happy working at the market and enjoyed helping the customers. The people there were always nice, and I always felt like I was part of a big family. I was able to talk to people without being afraid of messing up, and it was just an overall great experience. Along with how nice the people there were, one of the best parts of the market was browsing because each week the market changed, and the exploration aspect of it made it magical in a sense. 

I think all people should work or volunteer at a farmers market at some point. You might end up loving it, and I would hate to see anybody miss out on that experience. If you can’t work at a local farmers market, then you should at least go to it and enjoy it as much as possible.

I’m very excited to get back to the market this year and see friends from last year. I’m also looking forward to getting back to work at Fusilier Farms. I hope to see most of the vendors returning to the market as well.  And I look forward to seeing all of the guests for another market season. While I’m eager to see many familiar faces, I’m also excited to see many new ones as well.

Henry Francis is an 8th grader at Power Middle School. Some of his favorite pastimes are running cross-country or track; working with his robotics team, 14815 Hackbytes, to make the best robot they can; playing video games with his friends; cooking, and working at the Farmers Market. He hopes to become a pilot when he’s older, soaring around the world looking down from the clouds. His family suspects that he is part cat because you can often find Himalayan on the couch.