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Come to Market! ...


The Farmington Farmers & Artisans Market opens on May 18th for a 24 week season that runs through October 26th.   Now in April in Michigan, the excitement is building.  The greeining of spring looks to finally be here, helped by a bit of warmth and gentle passing showers.  Early mornings are truly a gift to the senses.  We are all part of the rebirth!  

A lot is going on to get ready for a grand re-opening!  It seems everywhere I go in town the first question I get is "...Are you all set to open the market?"  The pressure is on!  This is that time of year where applications fill up my inbox, sponsors are climbing aboard, marketing and promotions are ramping, musicians, chefs, local businesses, early education schools, civic organizations and non-profits are all lining up for a coveted space at the market.  Posters, banners, flyers, postcards, sandwich boards are in cue at the print house waiting to fly out the door shouting "Come to market!"  

Behind the scenes, springing a market to life after 6 months in cold storage is a weighty task!   I am happy to say that this year we are "steady as we go and fully on course" for a fantastic season! We will give a mighty pull on the market bell opening day as we embark on another adventurous year!   We have many new artisan vendors, more grower producers and a bounty of events and activities including soulful entertainers, artistic chefs and yes...yet another cool logo that beautifully represents the "basket of plenty" that is the hallmark of "Saturday life in Michigan small town..."  

From farmers to foragers, artisans, volunteers, residents, friends and visitors all join together every Saturday, creating a circle of community thats based on an a simple appreciation for good food and kinship- it's quite a stew we make that brings us together creating an ovewhelming sense of place and belonging!

Some things you will notice coming to the market square will be new sod in the park!  The floor of the pavilion will be completely resurfaced with a beautiful new deocrative stain and hard shell finish coat.  The facility will be power washed.  The trim work will be restored. A fresh coat of paint will freshen up the interior walls adding luster to our city center community jewel.

For all that can be said and written, nothing says it all more beautifully than a heartfelt "...Come to market..."  We'll have the coffee on...

Walt Gajewski
Market Manager

Market Manager, Walt Gajewski    

If you have any additional questions, comments or suggestions about the market feel free to email us at or click here to find us on Facebook at Farmington Farmers & Artisans Market. Please Like Us on Facebook so we can keep you updated on "Saturday life in a Michigan small town!"