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Pre-orders 2021

Here are most of our vendors who are offering pre-orders for the 2021 market, Please check back for updates. 


goetz-flowers1-(1).jpgGoetz Family Farm


Available: We will be doing pre orders for plants this year on our online store. Please visit the website.


Strong Soil Farm
(formerly Great Lakes PermaDynamics)SSF-Logo.png

For information on pre-orders, visit




Babcia’s Boy


Phone: 248-721-7125

Pre-order: Call, text or email

Payment options:  PayPal –
Cashapp –$BabciasBoy
Pay at market with cash or credit card

Available: Jams and Jelly – 8 oz jar, $7.00 each
Apricot Jam 
Blackberry Jam 
Cherry Jelly 
Cherry Rhubarb Jam  
Huckleberry Jam  
Jalapeno Jam (Spicy) 
Mango Habareno Jam (HOT)  
Peach Jam  
Raspberry Jam  
Raspberry Mango Jam  
Raspberry Rhubarb Jam  
Strawberry Jam  
Strawberry Banana Jam  
Strawberry Rhubarb Jam 
Very Berry Jam 

JELLY (4 oz jar)
Elder Berry Jelly   $7.00
Pickled Products, Salsa, Relishes and Sauces – $7.00 each
Pickled Garlic (8oz jar)  
Pickled Asparagus Spears (12oz jar) 
Pickled Asparagus Bits (16oz jar)  
Items below all 16 oz. jars – $7.00 each
Bread & Butter Pickles  
Cassia Bud Sweet Pickles  
Corn Relish  
Dill Pickle Chips 
Dill Pickle Spears  
Dilly Broccoli  
Dilly Cauliflower  
Dilly Green Beans  
Pickled Beets 
Salsa - HOT  
Salsa - MILD  
Sweet Chili Sauce  
Zucchini Relish 

Bake Treats



Phone: 248-672-4565

Pre-order: Click on QUICK ORDER on the website. When you check out, choose the pick-up option. Any questions, email or call.

All cookies are individually wrapped and weigh 4.0 ounces.
Cookies, $2.50 each – Caramel Apple, Chocolate Chip, Cinnadoodle, Coconut Joy, Cranberry Pistachio, Oatmeal Raisin, Peanut Butter, S'mores, Sugar & Spice, Toffee Chocolate Chip.

Miscellaneous – Brownie Bites, $6.50; Frosted Carrot Cake, $8.00; Streusel Banana Loaf, $8.50, Corn Bread $6.00, Lemon Cookies $6.50, Chocolate Chip Banana $8.00


b-legend-web.pngBaking Legends 



Pre-order: You can pre-order and pay at the website. Orders also can be made through email by Wednesday; pay at the market.

Cookies – $4.00 per half dozen
Yummy Chocolate Chip
Breakfast Oatmeal Cranberry
Breakfast Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
Everyday Peanut Butter
Marvelous Molasses
Snazzy Snicker Doodles
Almond Joy (gluten free)

Mini Quick Bread – $5 each
Chocolate Banana
Sweet Apple
Lemon Blueberry
Zucchini Pineapple
Carrot Pineapple
Face Mask with elastic or ties – $10 each
Market Bags – $12 each
Bowl Cozy $9 each
Plate Cozy $7 each
Bowl Cozy/Plate Cozy Bundle $16 each
Bag Pouch $6 each
Mug Rugs $4 each
Keychains $9 each
Lip Balm Traveler $5 each

Blessed Little Bakery

Blessed Little Bakery specializes in delicious vanilla sugar cookies uniquely decorated with artistic airbrush designs on butter flavored royal icing. Blessed-Little-Bakery-Logo.jpgAvailable for custom cookie orders, as well as, special occasion cupcakes, cake-pops, chocolate candies, and much more!  

Please contact us via email at We would be very happy to discuss your event with you and offer creative treat options that will delight you and your guests! Specialty items can also be packaged for a variety of great gift-giving opportunities!

pizza-cookie-(5).pngWe would love for you to stop by our bright colorful booth at the Farmington Farmers & Artisans Market on May 8, May 29, June 26, July 3, July 31, August 28, September 25, and October 30. We will have festive displays of seasonally exciting treats ready for you to take, share, and enjoy!

Special Pre-Order Offer for our market dates is a Pizza Cookie Platter for $30.00. Baked to order with our signature vanilla sugar cookie "crust" cut into 10 slices, then layered with royal icing "cheese," and finished with plenty of individually created "pizza toppings" that everyone will love! Dessert for dinner... what could be better?! Just send us an email by the preceding Wednesday to pre-order and reserve yours for pick up at the market! 


Chocolate Chipped Bakery



Phone: 517-927-5826 

Pre-order: Email your order or text your order. Payment can be made via Venmo or Paypal or at the market.  Cookies will also be available to purchase at the market.

Available: 4 oz. cookies in chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, oatmeal butterscotch and peanut butter chip. Prices: $3 per cookie, 4 for $11 (single flavor or variety), dozen for $32 (pre-order only).

Also available: 4 oz. gluten-free chocolate chip: $3.25 each, 4 for $12 and a dozen for $36 
4 oz. Vegan gluten-free chocolate chip: $3.50, 4 for $13, and a dozen for $39 


mushies-web-(1).jpgForest Treats


Phone: 419-350-4542

Call or email for varieties and to place pre-order.


french-lady-web.jpgThe French Lady

Facebook page:



Phone: 248-480-0571

Pre-order: Call or email to find out what’s available.

Because our menus change, we don’t offer everything on this list every market day. 

Available: Signature quiches, individual $10, 8'' $30
other sizes available upon order.
Lorraine: ham & cheese
Forestière: goat cheese & mushroom, 
Saumonée: smoked salmon & spinach
Sunshine: ratatouille & Parmesan
Provence: sun dried tomato basil pesto & fromage d'Affinois.

Alsatian potato salad (vegan and gluten free) – $9
Provence Ratatouille (vegan and gluten free) – $9
Spring risotto - $10
mushroom risotto - $10
Carrot bisque (vegan & gluten free) – $8 and $14
Mushroom bisque (non vegan) - $9 and $16
Beef Bourguignon - $22 / serving
Cassoulet - $ 20 / serving
Chicken Blanquette - $20 / serving

Financiers cookies (soft almond cookies, gluten free) – $10 / bag
Madeleines - $10 / bag
Chocolate Madeleines - $ 10 / bag

Tart by the slice:
Clafoutis (vanilla custard & cherry) $8
chocolate caramel $8
chocolate caramel pear $9
tarte Tatin $10

Bag of meringues – $6
Ham & cheese crêpe – $12
Ham & cheese croissant - $12
Plain crêpes – $6 for bag of 5
Chocolate mousse – $5

Ideal Bite Community Kitchen


Pre-order: Click here to see what's available and to submit a pre-order. You can buy in one-pound ideal-bites-(1).pngquantities such items as Applewood Smoked Pork or Brisket; Old School Southern Style Macaroni and Cheese or Berry Pecan French Toast Casserole. Also available in smaller quantities are BBQ sauce, pickles or cranberry coleslaw. In other words, you basically have your summer cookout covered. Besides ordering food items on the pre-order site, you will also select a pick-up time. And don't worry if you're not planning ahead: Ideal Bite will have items available for walk-up customers.


italian-cooks-web.jpgThe Italian Cooks



Phone: 248-894-7558

Pre-order: Email or call 248-894-7558.

Available: Tomato & Basil Sauce, Vodka Sauce, Palomino Sauce and Arrabbiata Sauce.
Price -- $8.99 for a 24 ounce jar


james-creek-web.jpgJames Creek Sutlery



Phone: 810-664-6304

Pre-order: Call 810-664-6304

Unit Price
Burmanni Cassia Cinnamon, Ground (warm cinnamon flavor) $8.00
Burmanni Cassia Cinnamon, Ground (warm cinnamon flavor) LARGE $15.00
Burmanni Cassia Cinnamon Sticks (Quills) JAR $15.00
Sweet Cinnamon, Ground (light citrusy cinnamon flavor) $12.00
Sweet Cinnamon Sticks (Quills) JAR, by request $22.00
Saigon Cassia Cinnamon, Ground, (hot, candy like, cinnamon flavor) $8.00
Saigon Cassia Cinnamon, Ground, (hot, candy like, cinnamon flavor) LARGE $15.00
Saigon Cassia Cinnamon Sticks (Quills) JAR $15.00
Allspice, Ground* by request $8.00
Allspice, Whole $8.00
Anise Seed, Whole $8.00
Cardamom, Whole $10.00
Cloves, Ground, By request $10.00
Cloves, Whole $10.00
Coriander, Ground - By request $8.00
Coriander, Whole $8.00
Cumin, Ground - By request $8.00
Cumin, Whole $7.00
Curry, 1836 Recipe from The Henry Ford Museum Archives $15.00
Dill Weed $8.00
Ginger, Ground $8.00
Ginger, Dried Root $10.00
Juniper Berries, Whole $10.00
Mustard Seed, Whole $8.00
Mustard Seed, Ground - By request $8.00
Nutmeg, Ground, By request. $12.00
Nutmeg, Whole $12.00
Paprika $7.00
Paprika - LARGE $10.00
Paprika - Smoked $7.00
Paprika - Smoked - LARGE $10.00
Saffron, By request Market Price
Taco Seasoning - SMOKED $9.00
Turmeric, Ground $12.00
Turmeric, Dried Root $12.00
Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt $8.00
Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt & Peruvian Mountain Spring Sel Gris Salt $8.00
Hawaiian Red Alaea & Pink Himalayan Salt Blend $8.00
Hawaiian Red Alaea & Pink Himalayan Salt Blend TALL $24.00
Hawaiian Red Alaea Sea Salt $8.00
Peruvian Mountain Spring Sel Gris Salt $8.00
Pink Himalayan FINE Crystals Salt $8.00
Pink Himalayan FINE Crystals Salt TALL $16.00
Pink Himalayan LARGE Crystals Salt $8.00
Pink Himalayan LARGE Crystals Salt TALL $16.00
Pink Himalayan POWDER Salt $8.00
Black Peppercorns - Whole $8.00
Black Peppercorns - Ground - By request $8.00
Green Peppercorns - Ground - By request $15.00
Green Peppercorns - Whole $15.00
Green Peppercorns - Whole TALL $45.00
Long Pepper Rods - Ground - By request $15.00
Long Pepper Rods - Whole $15.00
Pink Peppercorns (berries) - Ground $18.00
Pink Peppercorns (berries) - Whole $16.00
Pink Peppercorns (berries) - Whole TALL $48.00
White Peppercorns - Ground - By request $10.00
White Peppercorns - Whole $10.00
White Peppercorns - Whole TALL $30.00
Unit Price
European Mignonette - Whole $9.00
European Mignonette - Whole TALL $27.00
European Mignonette - Ground $9.00
European Mignonette - Ground TALL $27.00
Canadian Mignonette - Ground $9.00
Toasted Garlic Pepper - Ground $9.00
Toasted Garlic Pepper - Ground TALL $27.00
Rainbow Colored Pepper - Whole $9.00
Rainbow Colored Pepper - Whole TALL $27.00
Rainbow Colored Pepper - Ground - By request $9.00
Rainbow Colored Pepper - Ground TALL - By request $27.00
Rose et Blanc Mignonette - Whole $16.00
Rose et Blanc Mignonette - Whole TALL $48.00
Rose et Blanc Mignonette - Ground - By request $16.00
Rose et Vert Mignonette - Whole $19.00
Rose et Vert Mignonette - Whole TALL $57.00
Rose et Vert Mignonette - Ground - By request $19.00
Blanc et Vert Mignonette - Whole $12.00
Blanc et Vert Mignonette - Whole TALL $36.00
Blanc et Vert Mignonette - Ground - By request $12.00
Birds Eye Chili Pepper, Whole $12.00
Cayenne Chili Pepper, Whole $10.00
Ol' Fashioned Tender & Juicy Beef Rub $9.00
Succulence Meat, Poultry & Fish Rub $9.00
Untamed Wild Game Meat Rub $15.00

Sweet Harmony - Short $9.00
Custom Spice Blend  -  Happy to Create  810-664-6304


radical.jpgRadical Plants 



New this year: Carrot Dogs

Pre-order: Click here to view available products. Prices for farmers market shoppers are $6 for 15-oz. size and $4 for 8-oz size. Email your order to Pay at the market when you pick up your order with cash or credit card.


Rose Best

All nrosebest-web-(1).jpgatural soaps, lip balms, body butters, joint balm, massage oils, bath salts, sugar scrubs for hand/body and lips, deodorant, aroma sachets, henna and more.


Phone: 248-943-3905


Pre-order: Call or email. Choose local pick up to avoid shipping.

All natural soaps: $7 each, 3 for $19, 6 for $37
Body butters: $7-1oz, $12-2oz, $20-4oz
Lip balms: $3.50 for each or 5 for $14
Lip balm holders: $5 for each or 5 for $20
Hand scrubs: $12 each
Foot scrubs: $16 each
Lip scrubs: $5 each
Face mask 4gm-$5 or 12 gm-$12
Bath salts- small $6 or large $11
Face cream-$12each
Aroma sachets: $3.50 for each or 5 for $14
Massage oils: $15 each
Rose or Lavender Facial toner:$10 each
Hair Oil: $12 each
Eye mask:$12 each
Deodorant: $7 each

Spice Grrrl

Go to and select by date the market at which you wish to pick up. You must order by THURSDAY for Saturday pickup.


tripleb-web-(1).jpgTriple B Honey 


Call or text: 248-425-4967 (Ben)


Pre-order: Choose from the product list below and then call, text or email Ben. There is pre-payment information after the product list. You will pick up your order at the market.

Product-Price List
Raw Honey
1 lb.  $10
3 lb.  $25
6 lb.  $50
Creamed Honey (Plain, Cinnamon or Lemon)
12 oz.  $12
24 oz.  $22
Pint Jar   $10

Payment Info
Venmo: TripleB-Honey
Credit Cards (via the Square)


pasties-web-(1).jpgU.P. Pasties

Pre-order: Text 734-772-7627 or email

Top sirloin, chicken and veggie, $7 
Mini-pasties, 6 for $7
Famous chicken pot pies, $7