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If you have questions, the best way to get them answered is to contact the seller. You can also email us here at the market at Please note that not all vendors offer pre-orders.

Babcia’s Boy


Email:  babcia-s-boy-(1).jpg

Phone: 248-721-7125

Pre-order: Call, text or email

Payment options:  PayPal -
Cashapp -$BabciasBoy
Pay at market with cash or credit card

Available: Jams and Jelly – 8 oz jar, $7.00 each
Apricot Jam 
Blackberry Jam 
Cherry Jelly 
Cherry Rhubarb Jam  
Huckleberry Jam  
Jalapeno Jam (Spicy) 
Mango Habareno Jam (HOT)  
Peach Jam  
Raspberry Jam  
Raspberry Mango Jam  
Raspberry Rhubarb Jam  
Strawberry Jam  
Strawberry Banana Jam  
Strawberry Rhubarb Jam 
Very Berry Jam 

JELLY (4 oz jar)
Elder Berry Jelly   $7.00

Pickled Products, Salsa, Relishes and Sauces – $7.00 each
Pickled Garlic (8oz jar)  
Pickled Asparagus Spears (12oz jar) 
Pickled Asparagus Bits (16oz jar)  

Items below all 16 oz. jars – $7.00 each
Bread & Butter Pickles  
Cassia Bud Sweet Pickles  
Corn Relish  
Dill Pickle Chips 
Dill Pickle Spears  
Dilly Broccoli  
Dilly Cauliflower  
Dilly Green Beans  
Pickled Beets 
Salsa - HOT  
Salsa - MILD  
Sweet Chili Sauce  
Zucchini Relish 


bake-treats-(3).pngBake Treats



Phone: 248-672-4565

Pre-order: Click on QUICK ORDER on the website. When you check out, choose the pick-up option. Any questions, email or call.

Available: All cookies are individually wrapped and weigh 4.0 ounces.
Banana Cake – Frosted, $7.50; Plain, $8.00; Streusel, $10.00
Cookies, $2.50 each – Caramel Apple, Chocolate Chip, CinnaDoodle, Coco Joy, Cranberry Pistachio, Cranberry-White Chocolate, Oatmeal Raisin, Peanut Butter, S'More, Sugar & Spice, Toffee Chocolate Chip
Miscellaneous – Brownie Bites, $6.50; Carrot Cake, $8.00; Corn Bread (special order - 9x13), $15.00, Russian Tea Cakes, $8.00


Baking Legends 



Pre-order: You can pre-order and pay at the website.

baking-legends-(2).jpgCookies –  $4.00 per half dozen

Yummy Chocolate Chip
Yummy Chocolate Chip with Walnuts
Breakfast Oatmeal Cranberry
Breakfast Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
Everyday Peanut Butter
Marvelous Molasses
Snazzy Snicker Doodles
Almond Joy (gluten free)

Mini Quick Bread – $5 each
Chocolate Banana
Sweet Apple
Lemon Blueberry
Zucchini Pineapple
Carrot Pineapple

Face Mask with elastic or ties – $10 each
Market Bags – $12 each


cookies-(1).jpgChocolate Chipped Bakery




Pre-order: Email your order. Payment can be made on-line or at pick-up Saturday. Cookies will also be available to purchase at the market.

Available: 4 oz. cookies in chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and peanut butter chip. Prices: $2.50 per cookie, 4 for $9.50 (single flavor or variety), dozen for $27 (pre-order only).

Also available: Gluten free and GF-vegan in the above flavors. Prices: GF $3, $11.50 and $33; GF-V $3.25, $12.50 and $36. PRE-ORDER ONLY.

Detroit Gourmet Nut Company



Phone: 248-890-7059

Pre-order: Call or email.

Handcrafted Maple Walnuts $9.00
Handcrafted Maple Pecans $9.00
Handcrafted Maple Cashews $9.00  
Farmers Market Special – 2 for $17.00, 3 for $25.00 


forest.jpgForest Treats



Phone: 419-350-4542

Call or email for varieties and to place pre-order.


The French Lady

french-lady-(1).jpgFacebook page:


Phone: 248-309-0030

Pre-order: Call or email your selections from the following list.

Available: Signature quiches (ham & cheese, goat cheese & mushroom, smoked salmon & spinach) – $10 Individual quiche 
Alsatian potato salad (vegan and gluten free) – $8
Provence Ratatouille (vegan and gluten free) – $9
Carrot bisque (vegan & gluten free) – $8 and $14
Financiers cookies (soft almond cookies, gluten free) – $10 for 4 cookies 
Chocolate and caramel tartlets – $8 
Clafoutis (vanilla custard & cherry) tartlets – $8
Bag of meringues – $5
Ham & cheese crêpe – $9
Plain crêpes – $6 for bag of 5
Chocolate mousse – $5


Golden Wheat 


Phone: 313-418-0131

Pre-order: Email your order to

Pastry Baked-Good Boxes 
$10 Box ($12 value)
Contains 1 Plain Croissant , 1 Chocolate Croissant, 1 Almond Croissant, 1 Asiago Cheese Croissant

$16 Box ($17.50 value) – NEW ITEMS
Contains 1 Chocolate Croissant, 1 Blueberry Cream Cheese Croissant, 1 Feta-Basil-Tomato Croissant, 1 Cherry Croissant, 1 Spinach-Leek-Walnut Croissant

$6 per loaf, one-pound each:  Multigrain, Sour Dough, Whole Wheat, Brioche, Dark Rye, Focaccia, Italian



Great Lakes Pot Pies


Phone: 703-625-6408



v-italian-cooks-copy-(1).jpgThe Italian Cooks



Phone: 248-894-7558

Pre-order: Email or call 248-894-7558.

Available: Tomato & Basil Sauce, Vodka Sauce, Palomino Sauce and Arrabbiata Sauce.
Price -- $8.99 for a 24 ounce jar.



james-creek-(1).pngJames Creek Sutlery




Phone: 810-664-6304

Pre-order: Call 810-664-6304

Unit Price
Burmanni Cassia Cinnamon, Ground (warm cinnamon flavor) $8.00
Burmanni Cassia Cinnamon, Ground (warm cinnamon flavor) LARGE $15.00
Burmanni Cassia Cinnamon Sticks (Quills) JAR $15.00
Sweet Cinnamon, Ground (light citrusy cinnamon flavor) $12.00
Sweet Cinnamon Sticks (Quills) JAR, by request $22.00
Saigon Cassia Cinnamon, Ground, (hot, candy like, cinnamon flavor) $8.00
Saigon Cassia Cinnamon, Ground, (hot, candy like, cinnamon flavor) LARGE $15.00
Saigon Cassia Cinnamon Sticks (Quills) JAR $15.00

Allspice, Ground* by request $8.00
Allspice, Whole $8.00
Anise Seed, Whole $8.00
Cardamom, Whole $10.00
Cloves, Ground, By request $10.00
Cloves, Whole $10.00
Coriander, Ground - By request $8.00
Coriander, Whole $8.00
Cumin, Ground - By request $8.00
Cumin, Whole $7.00
Curry, 1836 Recipe from The Henry Ford Museum Archives $15.00
Dill Weed $8.00
Ginger, Ground $8.00
Ginger, Dried Root $10.00
Juniper Berries, Whole $10.00
Mustard Seed, Whole $8.00
Mustard Seed, Ground - By request $8.00
Nutmeg, Ground, By request. $12.00
Nutmeg, Whole $12.00
Paprika $7.00
Paprika - LARGE $10.00
Paprika - Smoked $7.00
Paprika - Smoked - LARGE $10.00
Saffron, By request Market Price
Taco Seasoning - SMOKED $9.00
Turmeric, Ground $12.00
Turmeric, Dried Root $12.00

Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt $8.00
Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt & Peruvian Mountain Spring Sel Gris Salt $8.00
Hawaiian Red Alaea & Pink Himalayan Salt Blend $8.00
Hawaiian Red Alaea & Pink Himalayan Salt Blend TALL $24.00
Hawaiian Red Alaea Sea Salt $8.00
Peruvian Mountain Spring Sel Gris Salt $8.00
Pink Himalayan FINE Crystals Salt $8.00
Pink Himalayan FINE Crystals Salt TALL $16.00
Pink Himalayan LARGE Crystals Salt $8.00
Pink Himalayan LARGE Crystals Salt TALL $16.00
Pink Himalayan POWDER Salt $8.00

Black Peppercorns - Whole $8.00
Black Peppercorns - Ground - By request $8.00
Green Peppercorns - Ground - By request $15.00
Green Peppercorns - Whole $15.00
Green Peppercorns - Whole TALL $45.00
Long Pepper Rods - Ground - By request $15.00
Long Pepper Rods - Whole $15.00
Pink Peppercorns (berries) - Ground $18.00
Pink Peppercorns (berries) - Whole $16.00
Pink Peppercorns (berries) - Whole TALL $48.00
White Peppercorns - Ground - By request $10.00
White Peppercorns - Whole $10.00
White Peppercorns - Whole TALL $30.00

Unit Price
European Mignonette - Whole $9.00
European Mignonette - Whole TALL $27.00
European Mignonette - Ground $9.00
European Mignonette - Ground TALL $27.00
Canadian Mignonette - Ground $9.00
Toasted Garlic Pepper - Ground $9.00
Toasted Garlic Pepper - Ground TALL $27.00
Rainbow Colored Pepper - Whole $9.00
Rainbow Colored Pepper - Whole TALL $27.00
Rainbow Colored Pepper - Ground - By request $9.00
Rainbow Colored Pepper - Ground TALL - By request $27.00
Rose et Blanc Mignonette - Whole $16.00
Rose et Blanc Mignonette - Whole TALL $48.00
Rose et Blanc Mignonette - Ground - By request $16.00
Rose et Vert Mignonette - Whole $19.00
Rose et Vert Mignonette - Whole TALL $57.00
Rose et Vert Mignonette - Ground - By request $19.00
Blanc et Vert Mignonette - Whole $12.00
Blanc et Vert Mignonette - Whole TALL $36.00
Blanc et Vert Mignonette - Ground - By request $12.00
Birds Eye Chili Pepper, Whole $12.00
Cayenne Chili Pepper, Whole $10.00

Ol' Fashioned Tender & Juicy Beef Rub $9.00
Succulence Meat, Poultry & Fish Rub $9.00
Untamed Wild Game Meat Rub $15.00

Sweet Harmony - Short $9.00

Custom Spice Blend  -  Happy to Create  810-664-6304

fish.jpgMackinac Fishmongers



Phone: 906-298-0712

Pre-order: Payment will be taken at the market.

Available products: We will not be bringing down fresh fish fillets this weekend. We will have flash frozen whitefish, lake trout, walleye, salmon, and smelt. We will also have smoked whitefish, lake trout, and salmon, as well as all the pates. Feel free to e-mail, call or text (we really like text) with any questions or special orders.


pierogi.jpgPeople’s Pierogi



Phone: 734-674-5201


Available: Packages of 12 frozen pierogis in each of 11 different flavor combinations, including Detroit coney dog, buffalo chicken and traditional flavors.


Radical Plantsradical-plants.png



Pre-order: Click here to view available products. Prices for farmers market shoppers are $6 for 15-oz. size and $4 for 8-oz size. Email your order to Pay at the market when you pick up your order with cash or credit card.

Rose Best

Website: www.rosebest.comrose-best.png

Phone: 248-943-3905


Pre-order: Call or email.

All Natural soaps
: $6.50 each or 3 for $18 or 6 for $35.
Body butters: 1 oz - $7 or 2 oz - $12
Lip balms: $3.50 each or 5 for $12
Hand scrubs: 4 oz- $12
Foot scrubs: 4 oz -$16
Face mask: 4 gm- $4 or 12 gm -$10
Essential oil blends: $20
Hand Sanitizer Sprays - Must call to preorder: 8 oz, $12. These are made with plant-based ethanol and are CDC compliant with 70 percent alcohol. They also have a mild lavender scent and have aloe vera juice so will not dry hands.


Simply Gourmet Fresh Salsa 



Phone: 248-802-6129

Pre-order: Email or text.

Product-Price List: 
Fresh Salsa
One for $7, two for $12
Available in 
Mango Pineapple, Ancho Chili Mild and Spicy, 
Ancho Chili Queso Dio

Mango Pineapple Vinaigrette – $5 each

Tortilla Chips – $5 each
Corn and Sea Salt, Whole Grain with Garlic and Sea Salt

Keto Gourmet Butters – $5 each
Garlic Parmesan, Cinnamon, Cajon 

Keto Cookies & Brownies – $2 each
Chocolate Chip (net carbs 2), Peanut Butter (net carbs 2), Snickerdoodle (net carbs 2)
Brownies (net carbs 2.5)








Pre-order: Email your order to

Pre-pay: invoiced by Square


Sea Salts $5 each:
Himalayan Pink Salt
Celtic Grey Salt
Hawaiian Red Salt
Hawaiian Green Salt
Hawaiian Black Salt
Black Truffle Salt (sm jar)

Gourmet Teas $5 each:
Organic Yerba Mate Leaf, Roasted: Brazil
Black: Organic Assam TGFOP Certified Fair Trade: India
Green: Organic Chunmee Tea Certified Fair Trade: China

Standard size spice blends

$7 each, $6 each for 3 or more

Fun size spice blends
$3 each, $2.50 in pairs

GRIND: Ancho Chile Blend
ZEN: Indian Garam Masala
POW: Garlic-Pepper
FIRE: Ethiopian Berbere
RUB: BBQ Dry Rub
NICE: Cinnamon Sugar-n-Spice
SEVEN: Middle Eastern Baharat
TOSS: Salad Seasoning
JARDIN: Herbs de Provence
VOODO: Goan Vindaloo Curry
FIVE: Chinese Five Spice
SASS: Creole-Cajun
SMOKE: Spanish Basque
SNAP: New England-style Seafood
SHINE: Lemon Pepper
MAGIC: Moroccan Ras El Hanout
MAYA: Yucatecan Achiote
OOLALA: French Four Spice - Quatre Epices
BOOST: Kapha Churna – Energy
QUEST: Ethiopian Nit’r Qibe
COOL: Pitta Churna - Cooling
MANGIA: Italian Seasoning
CALM: Vata Churna - Calming
POW-R: Garlic-Pepper SALT FREE
SHICHI: Japanese Togarashi Shichimi
GREEN: Smoothie Power Blend
KARE: Japanese Style Sweet Curry
KASH: Hungarian Paprikash
VERDE: New Mexico style Green Chili
OPA!: Greek Herbs & Spices
NEWS: Black, White, and Red All Over
ZESTY: Middle Eastern Za’atar
PEPA: Rainbow Peppercorn
ISLAND: Caribbean Jerk
MULL: Mulling Spices                                
GOBBLE: Poultry Seasoning
CRUNCH: Everything Bagel Seasoning  
FIESTA: Chile Lime
STEAK: Montreal Steak Seasoning
NUTTY: Egyptian Dukkah
KING: Thai Red Curry
ALYUM: Onions and More
CHORIZO: Chorizo
PUNKN: Baking Spice
BREATHE: Fruity Herbal Green Tea
RED: Tunisian Harissa


Springbrook Gardens




Teffola_Logo-(1).jpgTenera Grains




Available product: 13 oz bag of Teffola or nutty teff granola

NOTE: You can pre-pay on the site. To cancel the shipping charge, since you will be picking up your order, enter FARMINGTON in the Discount Code box on the payment page, then click APPLY. 



treat-dog.JPGTreat the Dog

Facebook: Cookie Cutter Tweets


Phone: 248-891-5297

Pre-order: By email of phone

Available: Dog Treats  $5 and $10 bags
Face masks  $10
Catnip toys  $3 and $5 
Dog bandanas  $6-$10

Triple B Honey 


Call or text: 248-425-4967 (Ben)


Pre-order: Choose from the product list below and then call, text or email Ben. There is pre-payment information after the product list. You will pick up your order at the market.

Product-Price List
Raw Honey

1 lb.  $10
3 lb.  $25
6 lb.  $50

Creamed Honey (Plain, Cinnamon or Lemon)
12 oz.  $10
24 oz.  $20

Pint Jar   $10

Payment Info
Venmo: TripleB-Honey
Credit Cards (via the Square)


calvin-(2).jpgUncle Calvin's Sweet Potato Pies



Phone: 313-444-2490



pasties.jpgU.P. Pasties

Pre-order: Text 734-772-7627 or email

Available: Top sirloin, chicken and veggie, $7 

Mini-pasties, 6 for $7

Famous chicken pot pies, $7


Wilde Flower Soap Co.

Facebook: @Wilde Flower Soap company, LLC

Phone: 810-623-1624

Pre-order: Check availability list below and call with order. Credit cards taken over the phone or at the market.

Available: Prices varywilde-flower-(2).png
Scent Free Goat Milk
Mango Hawaiian Oil
Eucalyptus Spearmint
Chamomile Lavender
Tea Tree and Seaweed
Bug Away
Oat Bran with local raw honey
French Lavender Goat Milk
Warm Autumn Wood
Salted Grapefruit
Almond Vanilla


The Cheese Ladycheese-lady.jpg

33041 Grand River Ave., Farmington


Phone number: 248-957-9581

Pre-order:  Click here to see what's available, then call 248-957-9581 to place your order and schedule your pick up at the store.