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More about pre-orders

We began the pre-order process when the market opened May 16 as a way to ensure our customers and vendors would be safe during the pandemic. It's a practice employed by farmers markets and other businesses across the country. The response has been great from the viewpoint of the farmers and vendors as well as our customers.

Now that we've seem to settle into what has shown to be a healthy pattern of face mask use and social distancing, the importance of pre-orders has diminished somewhat, especially for farmers who will have their hands full bringing their increasing bounty to the market. We will still offer the information we've already collected for pre-orders, but just be aware that not all the new farmers and vendors coming to the market for the first time this year will be on this pre-order list. For farmers, click here; for vendors, click here.

We will keep you up-to-date if anything changes. Any questions, please email us at