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Celebrating Halloween the POP! way – with produce!

POP!'s approach to Halloween should not scare anyone. Even though we call it the Shoeboxes of Doom, our goal is to demonstrate how versatile the many kinds of fruits and vegetables really are. They can even pretend to be something totally different!

This year we told a scary story of an unfortunate witch, above, whose body parts wind up in our scary shoeboxes. What fun the POPsters had, reaching into the boxes to feel ... bones? No, those were pieces of celery. Here's a list of what was what in the shoeboxes:

nose.jpgHair – Tops from a bunch of carrots
Nose – A bumpy, curled gourd
Eyes – Two peeled cherry tomatoes
Teeth – Kernels of corn
Fingers – Roots of a parsnip
Brain – Par-boiled cauliflower
Bones – Celery stalks
​Heart – Peeled tomato
The children's reward for playing our game was, as always, a $3 voucher with which to shop the farmers stands at the Market. In other words, a win-win for everyone!

We started our game as we always do – having the kids taste something fruit or veggie from the Market. In keeping with the fall theme, we offered parsnips, a root vegetable that is a close cousin to a carrot. A particularly gnarlly parsnip showed off its versatility by co-starring as the witch's hand.

Here's the information on parsnips we shared: 

Thanks to everyone who visited POP! this year. We'll be back in 2022 with our five programs: one each in June, July, August, September and Halloween. See you then!