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Color us healthy!

September 10  was the last regular POP! Club of the season, so we did something we had never done before:

We ate the rainbow!

That’s right. We sampled all the colors, plus one:
RED bell pepper
ORANGE cantaloupe
YELLOW summer squash
GREEN beans
PURPLE plums
and WHITE cauliflower.

OK, white isn’t exactly part of the rainbow, but you when you see a rainbow, you always see clouds, right? And the many white veggies and fruits offer their own special nutrients.

We talked about what  eating the Rainbow means: that, every week, you should include in your diet fruits and vegetables of all different colors to get the nutrition you need to grow strong and be healthy.

Those different colors are made by teeny-tiny things called micronutrients that naturally grow in them. That’s a big word but it makes sense when you break it down:

MICRO – small

NUTRIENTS – vitamins, minerals and other elements that help you grow, keep you healthy andmake you smart.

The different colors are made by the different combinations of nutrients make different colors in the fruits and vegetables. But put them together, and they make for healthy bodies. 

Here’s what the colors do:

Red: Makes your heart healthy and your joints strong.

Orange: Great source of Vitamin C, which helps your body fight off sickness, including some cancers. Also helps your eyes see better, especially at night. 

Yellow: Helps your skin recover from cuts and scrapes and protects it against sunburn and pollution. Also makes your joints work better and helps you digest food.

Green: Helps fight off germs so you stay healthy and your entire body works better. 

Blue: Keeps your brain healthy — even when you get old by helping you remember things. Also can  help keep some cancers away.

Purple: Protects against cancer, strokes and heart disease.

White: Gives you energy and strong bones.

Put all those colors of the rainbow together, and you will be a healthy POPster!

We will return on Saturday, Oct. 29  with our Shoeboxes of Doom as part of the annual Haunted Market. Wear a costume and be ready for anything!