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What a season – 26 straight weeks!

Well, we did it. We brought you our award-winning market for 26 straight weeks without a single hitch – and that includes rain. Not bad for a summer that saw so many other community events be canceled or severely curtailed. Oh, we had regulations – the masks, the social distancing, the restriction on such market customs as shucking corn. But it was either that or no market, no locally grown, nutritious produce that would keep you healthy. That was our stated goal from Day 1: We were here to keep you healthy. And thanks to the efforts of so many, from volunteers to sponsors to city support workers, we did it. We all did it, together. Thank you!


LOCATION: The Walter E. Sundquist Pavilion in George F. Riley Park, Grand River at Grove St.
HOURS: 9am-2pm Saturdays from May 16-Oct. 31, 2020
WHERE TO PARK More parking is available at the Village Commons Mall


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Meet our 2020 sponsors