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Happy holidays!

The long, dark nights of December make last summer’s bright market days seem like ancient history. And it’s difficult to see beyond the cold weeks ahead to realize the farmers and vendors and shoppers will soon be back to fill the park and warm our spirits again. So, during this holiday time, let’s look back at the gifts we enjoyed last summer at what was perhaps our most successful market ever. We had more farmers, more vendors, more logo-DO.pngsponsors and more shoppers than we’ve ever had before. A lot of work by a lot of people have helped to achieve that success because it’s the people who have made the market what it’s become. From the Friends of the Market volunteers, to the police officers who bike to the market, to the “city guys” who keep things neat and clean, to the early education schools that shepherd our Little Sprouts, to the artists and artisans, farmers and foragers who share their skills and dedication, to our sponsors and our impactful community groups, we have made something special. We have built a house with a feeling of home for all of you to cherish as part of Saturday life in a Michigan small town. Happy holidays!


LOCATION: The Walter E. Sundquist Pavilion in George F. Riley Park, Grand River at Grove St.
HOURS: 9am-2pm Saturdays from May 17-Oct. 25, 2020
WHERE TO PARK More parking is available at the Village Commons Mall

The final POP! Club of the year

It's been a great summer with more kids than ever learning about the Power of Produce and how much healthy fun can be had by playing with your food.

We tasted strawberries we hulled ourselves, peas straight from the pods, cherries we pitted, corn fresh off the cob, tiny tomatoes, noodles made from zucchini and cherries dressed for Halloween. We found mushrooms that looked like trees and patty pan squashes. We made haunted-POP-logo-(2).jpgart with stamp pads and produce and tested the patience of farmers with silly jokes. We even dared to reach into boxes marked Graveyard Worms and Ghoul's Heart to find ... veggies! 

See you next year for more fun! For photos, click here.


We'll be back May 16

May 16-Oct. 31, 2020

Mark your calendars now with the dates for next year's Farmington Farmers Market. It will help you get through winter's nasty months to know that help and locally grown produce are on the way!