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First POP! of the season: radishes and strawberries and finding mushrooms


About 70 kids stopped by our first POP! Club meeting of the year on Saturday, June 8, and they all faced and completed their three challenges:
     1. Tasting radishes
     2. Finding the morel mushrooms in the market
     3. Hulling a strawberry, which they then got to eat

We'll be back on Saturday, July 13, with more fun things to do and nutritional things to learn. Meanwhile, you can try this recipe using radishes and peas: 


Health benefits of ...

This root vegetable is easy to grow and is commonly found in Michigan gardens for this reason. Besides being an easy vegetable, they also offer some great health benefits. Radishes are high in vitamin C, which is a potent antioxidant helping to boost the immune system. They are also a decent source of fiber, which acts as a prebiotic in the gut and helps with digestion. If your little ones loved tasting them at the market – and many did! – try adding them to your garden and let your kids help with the harvest!

Morel mushrooms

Morel mushrooms are a hidden gem in Michigan and are one of the few wild mushrooms that are edible (once cleaned and cooked, of course). Morels are a great source of iron for both men and women, which is essential for energy and oxygenation of cells. They also boast a large amount of phosphorus, which is important for bone formation. These mushrooms are full of surprises from their meaty texture and taste to their many health benefits and make a great addition to soups, meats, sauces and more!


Photos from the first POP! Club of 2019!


Come to the Kids’ POP! Club on National Children's Day – Saturday, June 8!

We’re kicking off a new season of the Kids’ POP! Club on Saturday, June 8, which is also National Children’s Day. Perfect timing!

Some background: POP stands for the Power of Produce and is a national program that teaches kids 4-12 years old where food comes from and why buying local, fresh produce at a farmers market gives you the best choice and nutrition. It’s free to join, and after meeting a few challenges members will receive a $3 voucher to shop the market and make their own healthy choices. 

The program is sponsored by Beaumont and also made possible by a contributing grant from the Farmington & Farmington Hills Foundation for Youth and Families.

We started the program last year with three meetings (plus a special Haunted Market one) and had so much fun that we’re expanding to four this summer. We'll be going where no POP! Club member has gone before!

Oh, we’ll still offer food samplings, scavenger hunts and POP! bucks. But we’ll also look at fruit and veggies in different ways. For instance, did you know you can make noodles out of zucchini? Or that tomatoes and cucumbers prank us by actually being fruits, not vegetables?

So mark these dates on your calendar: June 8, July 13, August 10, September 14 and October 26 for a special Halloween get-together at the Haunted Market. And come play with your food at the POP! Club — it promises to be a healthy, fun season!

Kids' POP! Club ends 2018 season with a bang!

Saturday, Oct. 13, was the last meeting of the Kids' POP! Club at the Market this season, and the several dozen children attending were met with lots of fun challenges!

Food samples included brussel sprouts, courtesy of Uhlianuk Specialties from the Farm; mushrooms donated by Forest Treats, and pumpkin seeds, all washed down with apple cider, courtesy of Kapnick Orchards.  

The Scavenger Hunt led the kids through the market with their eyes on pumpkin patches, looking for a pumpkin all dressed in his costume for Halloween.

Staying in the holiday spirit, older children - and some younger ones - dared to dip their hands into an open pumpkin to feel the pumpkin guts. Then there were apple prints to make and thank you cards to sign for all the participating farmers.

Last but not least were special giveaways for each child - a scratch-off Halloween ornament, a temporary fruit or veggie tattoo and a fresh apple, donated by the R.B. Miller Farm. It was a fun end to a very fun first season for the Kids' POP! Club.

See you next year!

POP! Club's third meeting - making cauliflower rice

The third meeting of the Kids POP! Club, on Sept. 8, faced the potential disadvantage of a chilly, cloudy day. But the less-than-perfect weather couldn't keep the kids away.

A total of 68 boys and girls - 25 of whom were new - met three new POP! challenges: tasting peaches, finding a metal toy tractor amidst eggplants and learning about cauliflower rice, a new way to get more vegetables into your meals.

POP! Club nutritionist Julie Stevens handled the cauliflower challenge. First she offered a tasting of orange cauliflower that came from the market's Fusilier Family Farm; other color variations for the vegetable are purple and green. Then she let the kids try grating white cauliflower into rice-like pieces using a standard box grater or a mini-chopper with a pull handle. Children and parents received a recipe for Market Stir Fry with Cauliflower Rice along with nutritional information.

Parents received a special tip that cauliflower rice can be subbed for half the regular cooked rice in a recipe, thereby increasing a child's vegetable intake. All in all, a very satisfying POP! Club day

The next POP! Club meeting, on Oct. 13, will be our last for this season. Come help us celebrate a great first year!


POP! Club's second meeting - fun with farmer questions

The market's Kids' POP! Club had its second meeting on August 11 and drew almost 70 new and returning members. The food tasting - purple peppers and romaine lettuce - was pulled from one of the recipes distributed, while the big challenge was to ask a farmer a question, in acknowledgment of National Farmers Market Week. It was a fun day for the kids and the farmers, too!>

Next club meeting is Sept. 8. See you there!!!

Kids' POP! Club starts with a bang!

We introduced upward of 90 kids to local farmers and fresh produce as part of our new food awareness program, Power of Produce, at the July 14 Farmers Market. Our goal is to kindle an interest in these kids as to where food comes from and what’s in season while sampling, scavenging and shopping the market with free vouchers as new members of our monthly Kids’ POP! Club. 

Market food co-ordinator Micki Skrzycki was beaming as she led groups of kids
on a tour of the market co-hosted by farmer Jonathon Goetz from the Goetz Family Farm & Greenhouse, a market mainstay for more than 12 years.

 “As an educator with Farmington schools, I’m used to motivating and coaching, but I never had a more eager and curious group than here at the market,” Skrzycki said.

Following are photos of kid-produce encounters from July 14. Our next POP! Club meeting will be August 11. Details of how the club works comes after the photos.





Here’s how the POP Club works:

The POP Club takes place from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the second Saturday of the month – still to come are August 11, Sept. 8 and Oct. 13. It’s open to children aged 4 to 12 who are with a parent. Look for our tent with its special banner.

Children register for the program by signing a POP ticket. Then they face three challenges: taste a fresh fruit or vegetable, go on a scavenger hunt and solve a puzzle or riddle. Once those challenges are met, the child unlocks the POP Portal and receives $3 in POP Bucks, with which he or she buys fresh produce at a farmer’s stand. Each child also receives a shopping bag that contains a nutritional recipe developed by Julia Stevens, MPH, RDN, Registered Dietitian and Health Coach, owner of Active Nutrition LLC based in Farmington Hills and a market volunteer.

On the last day of the program – Oct. 13 – we’ll celebrate with a POP Party that will include healthy snacks, games and prizes.

All this is made possible by our generous benefactors …


… and our tireless market volunteers. Together we make the Farmers Market the special experience it is!!

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