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Information from Senior POP! at the September 17 Market

The Farmers Market took part in its first Senior Health Fair on September 17, and it was impressive to see all the health organizations represented and all the seniors who came for information and vouchers.

More than a dozen of our farmers who were scheduled to be at Market took part in the fair, accepting $5 vouchers from the Healthy Oakland Partnership and $2 ones from the Market's own Senior POP! (Power Of Produce) program. And the late-summer bounty that filled the farm tables did its part to make it a healthy day indeed.

At the Senior POP! table, visitors were treated to a tasting of broccoli microgreens provided by our new-this-year farmer, Be Green Micgrogreens of Northville. We talked about the mighty nutritional punch the tiny plants have and how easy it is to add that nutrition to your daily diet.

Our dietician, Julia Stevens. offered for tasting a ​healthy, easy and highly adaptable recipe that's ideal for seniors since it can be made in small quanities. Julia used chunks of tomatoes and cucumbers for freshness and a can of creamy white cannellini beans that provided the protein, all mixed with a tangy vinaigrette. Other vegetables can be used depending on availability.

In talking about the recipe, we reminded senior shoppers of one of many farmers market advantages: You don't have to buy a bunch or box of anything. Farmers are happy to sell one cucumber or one tomato or one carrot. All you have to do is ask.

We also talked about one of the primary advantages in shopping at farmers markets: an incredibly high level of nutrition. Produce begins to decline as soon as it's harvested, meaning timing and distance are crucial factors in eating healthy. Farmers coming to the Farmington Market usually harvest their produce the day before, and they travel an average of only 50 miles, something that was easy to see on a map we had on display that showed just where our farmers are located.

You can't get much fresher, or nutritious, than the produce you'll find at the Farmington Farmers Market. 

Below is information that we discussed at the Senior POP! tent as well as recipes and links to other useful information.

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