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A Market for Memorial Day Weekend

By Walt Gajewski
Market Manager

If you've been around long enough here in the Mitten State, you've probably heard that the all-clear for planting without fear of frost is Memorial Day weekend. Can't say there's any science to that, but that’s what Mom said. And don't question Mom, who always knows best, right?! 

OK, so we cheated a wee bit planting arugula, spinach and peas, which are known to bear up to cooler temps. This Weekend at the market we"ll be shopping for herbs, annuals, vegetable starts, porch pots, hanging baskets and more.   

With a garden and yard going in and a holiday weekend to boot, we'll also be barbecuing. So here I am cheating again by saying summer at our house starts this Saturday at the Farmers Market!

Come enjoy live music,  a fresh-press lemonade or a smoothie to order. Chat it up with a Michigan farmer or artisan. And since I've been honest about my cheating, I just cheat my diet with a Market-made Petey's Donut. After all, it's a holiday weekend, so let’s live a little and enjoy all that the Market has to offer, including:

From Beaverland:
Lots of greens and spring roots (radish, turnip, beets, spring garlic), herbs and chickens!

From the Goetz Farm: 
Kohlrabi, radish, lettuce, spinach, kale, salad mix, arugula, asparagus, eggs, pea shoots.

From Farm & Forest:
Strawberries, kale, spinach, lettuce, green garlic, flowers, and its world-famous homemade frozen pizza dough!

From the Fusilier Farm: 
Hanging baskets, patio containers, veggie starts, perennials, flats and wave petunias. For produce, apples, asparagus and lettuce.

From Kapnick Orchards:
Asparagus & rhubarb

From Xiong's Fresh Asian Produce:
Garlic chives, onion chives, garlic greens, horseradish greens, green onions, rhubarb, mint, apple mint, chocolate mint, thyme, oregano, lovage, asparagus, sorrel, stinging nettles, quail eggs, soybeans 

Plants: Purple basil, sweet basil, lemon basil, Thai basil, eggplants, Malabar spinach, Egyptian spinach, water spinach, rosemary, bitter melon, luffa, opo squash, snake gourd, winter melon, Thai chili, Scott’s bonnet hot pepper, lemongrass, nasturtium, okra 

And so much more. See you at the Market!