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The Farmington Farmers & Artisans Market takes pride in offering a wide variety of fresh locally grown Michigan produce along with farmer value added foods, locally prepared specialty foods and hand crafted artisan originals. "...We favor rotating daily vendors to uphold interest, variety and quality - which makes for an ever changing, exciting, festive weekly scene...".

Be sure to stop by the Market Information tent to see "Who's at the market this week" or when your favorite vendor will be back at market. Better yet ... take some time to stroll and discover on your own!

NOTE: The daily rate for Artisans, Farm Value Added and Prepared Food vendors is $30 per market. Full Seasonal pricing applies to farmers/growers only and is priced separately.


All food vendors (selling under the Michigan Cottage Law or licensed through a certified kitchen) must be familiar and compliant with Local and State food safety and handling regulations.

The Farmington Farmers Market is regulated by the Oakland County Health Dept and Michigan Department of Agriculture. For more information visit the Oakland County Health Department and the Michigan Dept. of Agriculture.

Please tell us about your product and or work:

Farm/Non-Profit Name
Your Availability Full Season  Occasionally  Regular Rotation
  Saturday (9am - 2pm)  


Do you own or have access to a tent? (weights/hold downs required) Yes  No
Can you operate with less than a 10 x 10 space? Yes  No
Do you have display materials (e.g. signage, tabletop decorations)? Yes  No
Will you be the person selling at the market? Yes  No
Do you have prior experience at farmers markets, fairs, and festivals? Yes  No
Describe / List below other markets, fairs you have participated in :  

Please describe your product and/or service that you would be setting up with at the market.

If your are a Non-Profit, the following rules apply:

Taken from: Farmington Farmers & Artisans Market Rules and Regulations, Sec. 9:

The Market is a public space, not a public forum. Organizations espousing controversial and/or incendiary messages (i.e. political or religious groups) are not allowed. Organizations selling a product in order to raise funds will be charged the Daily Rate rental fee of $30 for a 10' x 10'. Determination as to acceptability to participate in the Market will be made by the Market Manager.

If you're experiencing difficulties with our form, please email us directly at