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Friends of the Market

The "Friends" are a group of supportive volunteers of all ages from all over who all together help shape the atmosphere, vibe, color and feel of Farmington's weekly open air market space affectionately known as "The Market".

As Friends, we love open air markets and we think Farmington is the best of the best. We believe in having direct access to fresh locally grown produce... we are all about farm to fork and harvest to home. We marvel at how this incredible village opens every week and we can't wait until next time. We like being with the farmers and artisans and bakers and bee keepers . We love the sounds ... we love the sights ... grandma and grandpa dancing, kids tumbling, mom laughing, musicians playing, friends gathering ... We love this outdoor theater and the chance to play a part. Together we listen, learn, laugh, help and love it all, ...  young and old together under a Michigan summer sun or passing cloud it's all good and in the words of philosopher Joseph Campbell ... "It is here ... it is here ... it is here ...".

Are you a locavore? Do you enjoy open air markets, community camaraderie?  Consider becoming a Friend of the Market! Learn the ways of the market and help out in the volunteer info tent or help with our cooking demos, workshops and activities ... fun stuff, great people ...

Sign up at the Market Info Tent Saturdays 9:00am - 2:00pm during the market season or contact Market Manager Walt :